On the surface, choosing a harmony bike could seem like an easy duty. They are actually bikes with pair of steering wheels and no gears, pedals or chains. The bikes are mostly created to place focus on harmony as well as create the change to pedaled bike riding a simple one. While they are actually basic in concept, they are actually absolutely not one-size-fits all.

A balance bike that fits an 18-month outdated are going to certainly not work with a 4 year-old. How challenging could it be actually to acquire the ideal harmony bike for your little one? When going shopping for a balance bike, this write-up will definitely take you through some of the very most crucial features to appear out for.

Saddle (Chair) Height

The first spec you require to look at in a harmony bike is the minimal seat height. The minimal seat elevation of an equilibrium bike should be around 1-inch to 1.5-inches a lot less than your little one’s inseam.

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Technically, your youngster will certainly suit a bike through which its seat height equates to his/her inseam, yet the additional 1 approximately ins are going to reduce personal injuries coming from an autumn as well as make it simpler to get on as well as off the bike as well.

Forming Of The Seat, Cushioning And Also Component

Harmony bikes come with seats that possess different forms, materials as well as differing density of extra padding. The 2 general designs of the chairs are actually the basic U-shaped as well as triangular-shaped bike seats. The U-shaped seats are latest in the market and also are designed to help a child stay on the chair without slipping off.

The material of the seat varies from tough plastic to leather. While plastic chairs are durable, they don’t supply padding. Nonetheless, the majority of balance bikes include plastic seats wrapped in a vinyl textile along with different layers of froth stuffing.

Framework as well as Component Products

Harmony bikes feature metal, timber and also complex frames. Steel frames are bigger and corrosion when cracked. They may sustain a larger biker of up to 100lbs. Bikes produced coming from wood are actually green but are less pliable than the steel bikes.

On the contrary, complex structures are latest to the market and also give a light-weight structure along with a much higher body weight capacity. The composite frameworks happen without the worries or even breaking paint or even rust.


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Besides the quality and the lack of attributes, the major difference in between a low-cost and also a higher remainder bike and also which very most parents oversee is the geometry of the bike. How quick and easy an equilibrium bike is to manage, balance as well as handle could be mainly attributed to the geometry or even structure design of the bike and ought to not be overlooked bike helmet Singapore.


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